Beallsville, Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA
located on Rt 40 - Old National Pike

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Civil War soldiers

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Washington County Cemetery list and Veterans Burials

Interesting article about moving bodies from Old Morton Farm to Beallsville Cemetery. I wonder where the farm was and who was buried there.


Article - 49 Veterans Died in County During Year, Records Reveal

Beallsville Cemetery

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Beallsville Cemetery
P.O. Box 240
32 Chestnut Street
Beallsville, PA 15313

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Beallsville Cemetery

Hedge section in foreground, Pump section in background

BC section

BC section in foreground and L section in the backgound

L section

L section

R2 - R - Q

Section R2, R, and Q - photo taken from the very bottom edge of the cemetery looking back up to the top of the hill

section R and R2

Section R in the front and R2 in the back

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Cemetery Charter
1913 Cemetery Charter


Little Black Interment book
Little Black Interment Book

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Minute Books

Beallsville Centennial Program
Beallsville Centennial Program 1852-1952

Facebook group called Washington County, PA genealogy research group. Please join us.

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